STATEMENT ↘ From the beginning, my work has delved into the sounds of language, exploring the dreamlike and sensory dimensions these sounds evoke. How do we—sonically—interpret our experiences, both those that reside in the realm of dreams and the domain of logic, as well as on the physical plane of existence? What insights do the cultural experiences that have come before us provide? More than a poetry of knowledge, mine is a poetry of sensitive experience. It flows between traditional mediums’ core and new ones’ vibrant dynamics, harmoniously merging tradition and experimentation. Rather than simply “observing,” it embodies the act of “gesturing,” consecrating both the mundane and the “disrupting” through a lens of mystery and awe.

EXHIBITING NOW ↘ A Stage for Rebellion. Commissioner: Julia Eilers Smith. With Wingston González (script for the Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa’s performance lugar de consuelo), Clara Ianni, Onyeka Igwe, Amol K Patil, Bouchra Khalili, Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa, The Living and the Dead Ensemble, and Ashes Withyman.

November 18, 2023 – january 27, 2024
Galerie Leonard & Bina Ellen

BIO ↘ Born in Livingston, Guatemala, in 1986, Wingston González is an award-winning emergent Garifuna poet, editor, translator, and transdisciplinary artist. He currently divides his time between Livingston, Guatemala, and New York City. His vast expertise and experiences stretch across poetry, performance, and in-depth cultural studies. González’s poetic endeavors encompass a broad spectrum of themes, reflecting both his heritage (African and American indigenous) and modern and postmodern influences, delving into the traditional tunes of the Garifuna culture—González revives the essence of a bygone era—and a reflection of the profound thoughts and beliefs ingrained in the Garifuna culture, and a comprehensive exploration of the evolution of philosophical thought within his community. González masterfully navigates both the world of traditional media and the dynamic realm of new media. In a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, González brings forth writings that touch upon futuristic elements and technological advancements. Honoring the indigenous voices and tales, he highlights the richness of Central America and the Caribbean’s communities. He received the prestigious Luis Cardoza y Aragón Mesoamerican Poetry Prize for his book traslaciones (Cultura, 2015). Recognized by Forbes Central America as one of “The Most Creative in the Region,” as a featured reader, he has been invited to renowned poetry festivals and book fairs. He has been showcased in anthologies (4M3R1C4 2.0, Novísima poesía latinoamericana [1980-1990], El quetzal, colibrí gigante: antología de poesía guatemalteca, Nuestramérica es un verso, antología poética 1968-1989) and specialized journals and magazines dedicated to contemporary poetry (like Lirykline, Brooklyn Rail, or Poetry Magazine). In addition, he led the micro-publishing project Wanichugu, dedicated to promoting recent literature from the Central American Garifuna community. Currently, he is working on his first full-length Garifuna-Spanish-English poetry collection, writing for contemporary art projects, working as a private writing coach, and undertaking comprehensive studies on the Garifuna poetic songs art, known as agáyusahani.

© Wingston González, 2023